December 1, 2023

Sunny Gupta’s journey from his early days in Chandigarh to his current position as the co-founder and CEO of Apptio is indeed remarkable. Born into a family with a background in education and entrepreneurship, Gupta developed a fascination for entrepreneurship at a young age. He believed that it would empower him to shape his own future.

In 1989, armed with a mere $2,000 and a plane ticket, Gupta ventured to the United States to pursue higher education at the University of South Carolina. He was driven by the belief that the US offered greater opportunities for starting from scratch and building something substantial. He faced financial challenges and had to work various odd jobs, including washing dishes and being a mover, to support himself. However, his dedication and hard work paid off, and he eventually earned a full scholarship through his academic achievements. Gupta’s commitment also earned him an internship with the university president, providing him with valuable experiences and connections.

Following his time at the University of South Carolina, Gupta embarked on a successful entrepreneurial journey in Silicon Valley. He co-founded multiple startups and became known as a serial entrepreneur. His accomplishments in the technology industry led to the recent acquisition of his company, Apptio, by IBM for $4.6 billion. This deal marks Gupta’s return to IBM, where he initially started his career in 1992.

Sunny Gupta’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how determination, hard work, and a passion for entrepreneurship can lead to significant achievements.

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IBM acquired Apptio, a SaaS startup company, for a staggering $4.6 billion.

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